Wednesday, 15 May 2013


hollywood sign

santa monica

warner bros lot

friends set

Hollywood sign - Santa Monica Pier - Santa Monica - Warner Bros Lot (Spencer's Guesthouse from Pretty Little Liars) - Friends Central Perk 

In celebration of my return to the US of A next week, here are a few photos taken during our last days in Los Angeles last year. My big highlight was the Warner Bros VIP tour. Gilmore Girls and Friends are two of my favourite television shows, so to walk around the old sets was incredible. They were also filming Hart of Dixie and Pretty Little Liars during our time on the lot. Needless to say I was esctatic, turned into a total nerd and bought a Rosewood High tee from the gift shop. Driving through The Hills to the Hollywood sign is another must-do, as is a stroll from Santa Monica to Venice.  

I would love your recommendations for any cafes, things to do etc in SF, LA, Boston & NYC. Apart from the tourist sights, I love to experience local haunts too so please leave any thoughts in the comments.